4.15.3. Loongson LS1B

The LS1B is a development board made by Loongson Technology Corp. Ltd.

The board has

  • Loongson LS1B SoC 250 MHz;
  • 64 MiB SDRAM;
  • 512 KiB SPI boot ROM;
  • 128M x 8 Bit NAND Flash Memory;
  • 2 x RS232 serial interfaces (DB9 connectors);
  • 2 x Ethernet interfaces;
  • 4 x USB interfaces;
  • microSD card slot;
  • LCD display (480x272);
  • audio controller;
  • beeper;
  • buttons;
  • EJTAG 10-pin connector.

The board uses PMON2000 as bootloader. Running barebox

  1. Connect to the boards’s UART2 (115200 8N1);
  2. Turn board’s power on;
  3. Wait Press <Enter> to execute loading image prompt and press the space key.
  4. Build barebox and upload images/barebox-loongson-ls1b.img via Ymodem to the board:
PMON> ymodem base=0xa0200000
  1. Run barebox
PMON> g -e 0xa0200000