4.15.2. MIPS Creator CI20

The MIPS Creator CI20 board is a high performance, fully featured Linux and Android development platform.

Major hardware features include:

  • Ingenic JZ4780 SoC (dual 1.2GHz MIPS32 processor);
  • 1 GiB DDR3 memory;
  • 8 GiB NAND Flash;
  • 2 x UART;
  • Davicom dm9000 10/100 Ethernet controller;
  • 2 x USB (host and OTG);
  • HDMI output;
  • 14-pin ETAG connector;
  • GPIO, SPI, I2C, ADC, expansion headers.

The board uses U-Boot 2013.10 as bootloader. Running barebox

  1. Boot the board with UART0 serial console. Stop the auto boot during U-boot.
  2. Upload zbarebox.bin via Ymodem to the board and then run:
ci20# loady 0xa8000000
ci20# go 0xa8000000