3.3.7. ubiformat - format an ubi volume Usage

ubiformat [-sOnfexQqv] MTDEVICE Synopsis

A tool to format MTD devices and flash UBI images Options


minimum input/output unit used for UBI headers e.g. sub-page size in case of NAND flash


offset if the VID header from start of the physical eraseblock (default is the next minimum I/O unit or sub-page after the EC header)


only erase all eraseblock and preserve erase counters, do not write empty volume table


flash image file


use VALUE as erase counter value for all eraseblocks

-x NUM

UBI version number to put to EC headers (default 1)


32-bit UBI image sequence number to use


Assume yes for all questions


suppress progress percentage information


be verbose Description

Example 1: ubiformat /dev/nand0 -y - format nand0 and assume yes Example 2: ubiformat /dev/nand0 -q -e 0 - format nand0, be quiet and force erase counter value 0.