3.2.2. boot - boot from script, device, … Usage

boot [-vdlmMwt] [BOOTSRC...] Synopsis

This is for booting based on scripts. Unlike the bootm command which can boot a single image this command offers the possibility to boot with scripts (by default placed under /env/boot/).

BOOTSRC can be: - a filename under /env/boot/ - a full path to a boot script - a full path to a bootspec entry - a device name - a partition name under /dev/ - a full path to a directory which - contains boot scripts, or - contains a loader/entries/ directory containing bootspec entries

Multiple bootsources may be given which are probed in order until one succeeds. Options


Increase verbosity


Dryrun. See what happens but do no actually boot (pass twice to run scripts)


List available boot sources


Show a menu with boot options


Show a menu with boot options with entry INDEX preselected


Start watchdog with timeout SECS before booting


specify timeout in SECS